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scott feinberg

A Bit About Me...

My deepest love is simply to hold an intentional space for self inquiry and healing to emerge naturally. To offer a supportive container for people to feel safe in peeling back the layers, diving into a deeper vulnerability, and unearthing the ineffable mystery that dwells within. I see the journey we walk together as less about becoming and more about harnessing the bravery to see ourselves fully and love ourselves deeply.


As a dharma poet, embodied insight coach, and teacher of meditation and inquiry-based yoga, I see my role as companion - a fellow traveler along the beautiful, messy, special, and deeply human journey that serves as the most profound pathway home, to the home we never truly left. 

I believe the spirit within each of us is yearning to be birthed in ever new ways. Powerful ways. Ways that open us to our gifts, our purpose, our passions. They are calling us to lean in to the unexplored terrains of our inner landscapes. They are calling us to not only bring curiosity to the unattended to wounds we've each experienced, but to catalyze these energies into our most exquisite expressions. For they are most often the emissaries of a deeper voice within us longing to come into form. In the purest sense, this work is inner alchemy...a process of transforming places of limitation into places of liberation. 

This process, which I consider a form of inner activism, is most deeply nurtured in containers of support, trust, safety, and connection. It is my most profound privilege to show up in service of this intention. I invite you to check in with your spirit, your inner guidance, and reach out to connect if you feel called.

"Instead of trying to define myself, I decided to align myself."

- From Reverse Graffiti 

Let's Connect....

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Upcoming Offerings

Throughout the year I offer a wide palette of possibilities to connect in the spirit of community both in person and virtually.


From immersive inner work retreats and professional trainings to spoken word gatherings, innovative workshops, and weekly practice offerings, click below to find out what new invitations are on the horizon.

If you are interested in hosting a yoga, meditation, or dharma poetry event at your studio, coffeehouse, or bookshop, reach out to learn more about how we can co-create a powerful, transformative, and inspiring event for your community.

One on One
Coaching + Private Retreats

Are you in search of a more personalized inner work experience?


While group work holds its own incredible magic, there is something uniquely powerful about the container created through working together privately.


While I only work with a limited number of private clients, it is a genuine honor to be gifted the trust to curate a personal program for you in service of diving into the deeper layers of soul recollection. Click below to setup a coffee chat to learn more about private coaching or crafting a one-on-one personal retreat experience.

Reverse Graffiti:

The Sacred Art of Unbecoming

My first book, Reverse Graffiti, is now available for purchase through Amazon and all major online retailers.


A spiritual pilgrimage into the heart of the journey home to the soul. Poetic. Illuminating. Transformative. Fresh. 

Sourced from the rawness of our shared human experience, Reverse Graffiti weaves a provocative tapestry of self examination, inner activism, and poetic dharma. 

Click below to email me regarding wholesale book orders or to inquire about featuring me as a guest on your podcast or at your event. 

"If there is any freeing that need be sought, it is only the freeing from the idea that you are not already free."

- From Reverse Graffiti 

Shared Experiences

"Scott as a mentor, and guide, provides a kind of space holding that is a rarity. I don't think I've ever met someone who is so intentionally present so much of the time.

In comes through in the questions that he poses and his communication style; alternating seamlessly between deep dharma, the humor of being human, and application. There's a lot of compassion flowing through this human being."

Emily Budrys

Yoga Teacher Training Graduate

"On this journey of deep inner work, Scott has provided a clearer vision of grace, fortitude and love; brought together by a deeper understanding of yogic philosophy. His profound understanding of yogic philosophy. His profound understanding of human conditioning and its relationship to the highest self are immeasurable. Thank you Scott for raising me up and transforming my life with your unique gifts and guidance."

Juli Kagan

Private Coaching Client

"Words cannot describe how fortunate I feel to have met Scott, and to have been a part of his teacher training program. The sense of community, love, and support is like none other. Scott's ability to not only hold space, but to dive deep within teachings and open one's eyes to the deeper meaning of life is remarkable. For the first time in a long time, I feel as if I am on the right path. Thank you for all you've done."

Nicholas Andrews

Private Coaching Client

Yoga Teacher Training Graduate

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