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Ancient Meets Modern 

Meditation Teacher Training

A 50 Hour Live Online Course

With Matt Cardone & Scott Feinberg 

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$1950 early registration

$2150 within one month of start date


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Course Description 

This innovative training is designed to equip participants with the knowledge and capacity to facilitate group and private meditation practices.


Drawing upon ancient wisdom traditions, modern neuroscience, and a variety of practices to support an integrative orientation that includes the body, breath, heart, mind, and spirit all within a trauma-informed framework, this unique course delves deep into the human condition and explores how various approaches towards meditation support our inner work journey in a way that is both universal and deeply personal. 

This training is intended for those looking to create safe spaces of self investigation for others. It is open to wellness professionals such as mental health therapists, yoga teachers, doctors, nurses, life and health coaches, acupuncturists, massage therapists, energy healers, and others who seek to bring this important work into your community. 


Together, we will explore both ancient and modern practices with the intention to apply the powerful effects of meditation through contemporary applications as both student and teacher.


The training covers the following areas:


  • Trauma-Sensitive Transformation

  • Ontological Maps of Consciousness 

  • The Habitual Nature of Mental-Emotional Processing

  • Meditation within a Neurobiological Framework 

  • How Meditation Works and It’s Benefits (Biologically, Psychologically, Spiritually)

  • An Enneagram Informed Approach to Meditation

  • Somatic Meditation Practices

  • Heart-Centered Meditation Practices

  • Mind-Centered Meditation Practices

  • Holding Space: Considerations for Skillful & Safe Guidance of Meditation Practice

  • Developing A Committed Personal Meditation Practice

  • Integrating Mindfulness & Self Regulation Tools Into Daily Life

  • Facilitating Post-Meditation Discussions Within An Imago Dialogue Framework

  • Effective Integration of Meditation With Complementary Modalities

  • Practice Teach Facilitations 

  • Building a Container of Community

  • Study of Ancient & Modern Texts


Course Texts

The Untethered Soul - Michael Singer *To be read prior to course

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali - Swami Satchidananda's Translation *weekly sutra excerpts 

Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness- David Treleaven 

Healing Space - Matt Licata 

Buddha’s Brain - Rick Hanson

Waking The Tiger - Peter Levine

*texts are not included in the training tuition


200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

A Yoga Alliance Approved Course

SPRING 2023 Session


Application & Brochure:

Would you like to dive deeper into your yogic journey? This program is designed for those looking to fully immerse themselves into the study and practice of the yoga tradition, exploring both its philosophies and its practices. This renowned program has mentored and trained over 500 yoga teachers since 2009. It's more than a course, teacher training prepares you first and foremost to steep yourself deeply into the ancient yet timeless tradition of yoga. Taking a holistic approach to this expansive subject matter, the training will deepen your relationship with your physical body as a powerful & reliable center to connect with divine intelligence and bring you on a journey

 into the deeper dimensions of breathwork, meditation, mantra, dharma and self exploration. It will also serve to support you in the cultivation of presence, leadership, deep listening, space holding, and creating safe and inclusive practices to welcome all people into the healing practice of yoga. This comprehensive course further prepares teachers in such areas as skillful and creative sequencing, verbal cueing, alignment principles, assists, modifications for injuries and special conditions, anatomy and biomechanics, spotting misalignments, weaving in dharma and teaching meditation and pranayama. This is a deeply comprehensive course for those ready to make a profound commitment towards self study in service of supporting others as a guide in such a way that honors the sacredness of the yoga tradition and the honor of holding space for students to meet themselves where they are with loving acceptance and to walk hand-in-hand to support them as they evolve along their spiritual path. 

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